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About Us

About Us

Once the preserve of footballers and celebrities, hot tubs are becoming recognised as accessible to everyone, and at HotTubs and Spas Northeast ,we guarantee to have the perfect tub for you.

A new company conveniently located in Washington Tyne and Wear, within easy reach of major routes. Hot Tubs and Spa’s Northeast has been set up by the owner, David Reay,  as a hot tub owner himself who was frustrated at the lack of Hot tub showrooms in the region.

The price of a hot tub can be very off-putting .... but not if you consider all the benefits from owning one .

Researchers have estimated that 80% of illnesses are stress related, relaxing in a spa of warm water stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain and stress fighters giving a sense of well being and rejuvenation.

Hydro massaging jets help relax muscles and boosts circulation for any aches and pains, arthritic joints, and helps the body’s healing process, hot soaks can also be a valuable aid towards a more relaxing deep sleep.

Other significant benefits is the social wellbeing element, whether its quality family fun ,such a rear commodity in modern times,  the ultimate accessory for the quest for  greatest summer  barbecues , or simply romantic evenings for two with your favourite bottle of wine on those cold winter nights.

All  of  these factors and many more, make owning a hot tub one of the best investment you can make.

Here at Hot tubs and Spa Northeast we are the North East's number one dealer of highly acclaimed hot tub manufactures, Alps Spas, Wellis, Superior Spas and Platinum Spas . We have a large selection of tubs to cater for all requirements from two seater’s up to party spas built for ten and also swim spas.

While there are many cheap imitations on then the market, we sell only quality products with over 50 years history with our highly reputable manufactures.

All our Alps tubs are manufactured using the latest cutting edge technology, using galvanised steel frame structure, ABS floor pan bases, with Alps unique Acrylic shell construction which consists of a four layered thermo bonded shell which incorporates no fibreglass resulting in a far superior bonded shell.

With more and more people experiencing the relaxation and benefits of hot tubs on holiday, they are increasingly in demand as must haves for the home and our range is entirely affordable with tubs starting at just £3000 . They also very efficient to run with a mid size tub costing approximately £1 per day if used on a daily basis for around 30 minutes.

Here at Hot Tubs and Spas Northeast, we can take care of all your hot tub needs, providing everything from free site surveys and complete tub installation including electrical and ground base preparation,   to all your chemical requirements and every accessory you could possible image, and a comprehensive servicing and repair and relocating service, all carried out by a fully qualified and experienced team.

Perfect for families and for any season, our hot tubs and spas really are the ideal way to relax and enjoy your garden all year round.