49 – Total Hydrotherapy Jets

Seats 6 Persons

223cm x 223cm x 94cm


Platinum Spas is a leading brand in hot tub distribution

We are a family run business that pride ourselves on customer service and after sales care. In the warehouse we stock over 300 hot tubs to make sure that we have hot tubs ready for our dealer network for fast and reliable delivery!

With over 15 years experience in the spa industry we assure that every hot tub we delivery is of the highest standard with perfect features.

Powerful Massage
With perfect jet formation to hit each muscle group Platinum spas have have created spas that will not only leave you feeling relaxed but will leave your body feeling revitalised. With Diverters all around the spas you are in control of the pressure and massage you recieve from the spa, wether you are using the spa to soothe sore muscles or just to enjoy the warm flowing water.

Beautiful design

Do you want the perfect spa to suit your garden? Platinum spas have designed a sleek modern look on our new range of spas that give an eye catching look and add a look of luxury to your home. With outside LED Lighting and beautiful side panel designs our spas enhance the look of any garden.

User friendly controls
At Platinum Spas we know how important it is for the consumer to feel comfortable using thier control panel, only the latest Balboa technology is used on our spas. On the Deluxe range all spas come with the Balboa TP800 as standard, with a directional keypad and colour screen it is the perfect control panel for the end user.



The “Tokyo” Hot Tub is available in 2 different colour variations:

Black and Grey:

White and Brown :

As you will be able to see from the pictures the Tokyo hot tub incorporates 1 loungers and in addition 5 seats, allowing seating for up to 6 adults.

All Platinum Spas come with a sealed base as standard, which is integral part of the hot tubs support structure. It is important to insulate your hot tubs. Without proper insulation a lot of valuable, expensive energy you use to heat the water will be lost through the hot tub body. Our hot tub uses insulating foam to keep warmth of hot tub.


Scientists have claimed that the amount of lighting affects the regulation of emotions, such as happiness and sadness, through the nervous and endocrine systems. At Platinum Spas we have used LED lighting in our hot tubs to enhance the users pleasure whilst using a Platinum spa, by selecting lighting that only enhances the persons mood.

All Platinum spas come equipped with water level lighting, large LED in the footwell, corner skirt lights and the diverter lights. This gives the hot tub a very modern look but also improves the mental mood of the user.

MusicBluetooth Connectivity 
All Platinum spa are equipped with MP3 music system’s with a standard 3.5mm jack allowing virtually any MP3 device to be plugged in. You can sit back and relax in the spa whilst listening to your favourite songs through the two mounted speakers which come as standard. On the Premium range all our hot tubs come with bluetooh connectivity! The mounted speakers also have colour changing LED lighting! Music is another way to increase the users enjoyment whilst using thier hot tub! Downtempo music can cause the brain to synch up with the beat and create alpha brain waves. These waves are often present when we’re awake, but relaxed. Listening to smooth jazz, especially combined with nature sounds like waterfalls or thunder, can be especially soothing.

Control System


Use controls you can trust!

Balboa instruments are the worlds largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the spa and hot tub industry and the recognised leaders for innovation, ease of use and reliability.

Every Platinum spa model is equipped with Balboa’s latest generation of solid state panels and controllers which have no moving parts, to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate!

Maintenance free

The side panels and steps that are used on Platinum spas are maintenance free whilst looking just like wood we use a wood composite instead of real wood on all our steps and side skirts. Wood rots and can deform over time! These particular side panels and steps do not rot or fade increasing the life and keeping the brand new look for many years!

If damages do occur  to the side panel of the hot tub it is very easy and a much cheaper option than wood for a replacement panel, which can take 10 mintues to change!




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