The MEMPHIS fetaures premium additional features built in. This is available in both Black and White versions.

Seating:3 persons
Dimensions: 213cm x 164cm x 78cm
Pumps: 1 x 2HP
Total Jets: 19

LED Mood Lighting
Clear Water System
Built to Last
Bluetooth Audio System
Heatlth Benefits
Additional Options

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LED Mood Lighting
This product comes equipped with water level lighting and a large LED in the footwell. This gives the spa a very modern look but also improves the mental mood of the user.

Clear Water System
All spas in this range are equipped with a state of the art no-bypass filtration system and an ozone disinfection system. Better filtration means more joy and a much longer product life.

Built to Last
The entire range are equipped with stainless steel frames and an ABS base. With wood composite used on the side panels, leaving the finished exterior low maintenance and keeping top quality for years to come. Only top quality materials are used throughout the entire product; from the acrylic down to the internal pipework.

Bluetooth Audio System
A luxurious audio system with 2 high quality speakers and a waterproof remote to enhance your total spa experience. Compatible with a range of bluetooth audio devices.

Heatlth Benefits
Hydrotherapy is derived from the greek word meaning water healing. I’ts particular value comes about because of the effects of the warmth and pressure of the water and particulary the buoyancy provided.

Additional Options
Backlight Jets package: Lights up 3″, 4″ and 5″ jets in your spa in coordination with your standard mood lighting.
WiFi Enabled Controls: Control your hot tub anytime fro anywhere with a standard app compatible with both Android and iOS. You can ensure that your hot tub will be ready when you want to take a dip. Control the temperature, turn pumps on and off and even set the filtration cycles.

Additional information


3 Persons


213cm x 164cm x 78cm

Number of Pumps

1 x 2HP

Number of Jets


Tub Colour


Side Colour

Black, Brown, Grey

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